Engr. Saqib Munawwar Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering Department
email: phone: ++922136362046-54



He is the author of an academic book (published with PEC - Pakistan Engineering Council recognized publisher based in Germany) and author/coauthor for 09+ papers published in National/Int\\\\\\\'l Journals/Conferences. He has conferred with R&D honors and awards from Singapore (in 2009 Asia-Pacific Congress at National University of Singapore) & Malaysia (in 2010 Int\\\\\\\'l IEEE Conference by UTAR) and professional training from Abu Dhabi by European firm (Karl Storz) moreover catalyst at renowned National/Int\\\\\\\'l HEIs/DAIs, Mentor at IEEE (USA) and Coordinator Students’ Affairs at IEEEP KLC. Engr. Saqib has delivered R&D motivational talks/seminars/workshops at 24+ HEIs/DAIs in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, & UAE and moreover served as TPC/PC Member (Reviewer) in Jordan & Ukraine. In appreciation of his innovative R&D project ARY Qtv interviewed him in Youth Council and conferred the title of\\\"Muslim Icon\\\" in 2010. Prior to joining at the NHU he was serving as Engineering Manager at M/s. ATE Pakistan (PEC Licensed and KCCI Member Firm) with clients e.g. PIA, SSGC, KE, Security Papers & etc.

Teaching Assignment / Subjects:
Spring 2015: 1. Basic Electric Circuits (BS) and 2. Basic Electronics (BE)
Fall 2014: Linear Circuit Analysis (BE)
Spring 2014: 1. Introduction to Programming (BS) and 2. Business Quantitative Techniques (MBA)

Supervised Project:

BE/BS semester projects (30+ Groups). Had organized first ever project exhibition in NHU which was highly appreciated by the Honorary Dean from U.K. on his first visit to NHU Pakistan.

Publication: [HEC/PEC-CPD acknowledged]

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International Papers Reviewed by Saqib Munawwar

1. Reviewer Paper Title:\\\"Modeling and Damping Controller Design for Static VAR Compensator\\\" Authors: Jawad Faiz, Ghazanfar Shahgholian of Iran; forwarded by TPC 2014 IEEE IEPS Ukraine.
2. Reviewer Paper Title: \\\"A Novel Robust Design for PMSM with Minimum Motor Current THD based on Improved Space Vector Modulation Technique\\\" Authors: Jawad Faiz, Mehdi Manoochehri, Ghazanfar Shahgholian of Iran; forwarded by TPC 2014 IEEE IEPS Ukraine.
3. Reviewer Paper Title:\\\"Generation Expansion Planning Considering Externalities for Large Scale Integration of Renewable Energy\\\" Authors: Akif Zia Khan, Sun Yingyun, Ahsan Ashfaq from China; forwarded by TPC 2014 IEEE IEPS Ukraine.
4. Reviewer Paper Title\\\"\\\"Control and Stabilization of Three-Phase Grid Connected Photovoltaics using PID-Fuzzy Logic\\\" Authors: Mohamed Louzazni, Elhassan Aroudam of Morocco; forwarded by TPC 2014 IEEE IEPS Ukraine.
5. Reviewer Paper Number: 1569793165, Title:\\\"Systematic literature review automatic generation: A systematic literature review\\\" Author: Zuhal Gourashy from KSA; assigned by the TPC 2013 AEECT Jordan.
6. Reviewer Paper Number: 1569815499, Title:\\\"Diagnosis of a solar power plant using a multiple model approach (TS)\\\" Authors: Zahra Taif, Mohamed Mourad Lafifi, Brahim Boulebtateche from Algeria; assigned by the TPC 2013 AEECT Jordan.


, Jan, 2013M/s. A.T.E. PakistanEngineering Manager

Served as Engineering Manager (2012-2013) and Project Engineer (2010-2012) in PEC Licensed and KCCI Member firm with clients e.g. PIA, SSGC, KESC, Security Papers & etc.


CompletedNED University of Engineering & TechnologyM.E.M (Electrical)

CompletedGSESIT, Hamdard University, PakistanM.E. (Electrical)

CompletedHamdard University, Pakistan.B.E. (Electronic)